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AVANT GARDE - African Hair Thread


Hair threading is an ancient African practice of heat-less hair stretching. This involves wrapping thread around hair and can be used to create sculptural avant-garde hairstyles. This AVANT GARDE African hair thread is making a comeback for naturals interested in a quick and easy fully protective method of stretching their natural hair. 


  • Heat-free method of stretching natural afro-textured hair.
  • Prevents hair breakage.
  • Retains moisture and promotes hair growth.


  • Leave thread in hair for at least 10 minutes, or a maximum of 1 week depending on the texture you want to achieve. Hair is stretched the longer you leave it in. 
  • This is a great technique for blending your hair with Bisbi hair extensions.
  • Check out this hair tutorial for style ideas and inspiration.


Material: Nylon

Colour: Black

Weight: 10g

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