All textures were designed to be worn in their natural state - the state you receive them in. 

To ensure the longevity of your hair, we recommend minimizing heat styling, use of products containing alcohol, and enlisting the help of a professional colourist for bleaching or dyeing the hair. When it comes to maintaining your gorgeous Bisbi hair, less is MORE.

Keep reading to learn our BEST hair care practices for your new purchase!

Information listed here are general guidelines and recommendations. Every bundle of hair is unique and will react differently to different products and tools. As with our own hair, trial and error is your greatest asset as you search for the right mix of products and tools to complete your desired look.

Recommended Products

Feel free to wash your hair, and follow up with conditioner and serum. Other products we like include:

 Daily Care

  •  Lightly spritz hair with conditioner/water mix. Detangle with fingers if necessary.


    General Care

    • We don’t recommend excessive washing of any of hair textures
    • Limit the use of hairspray and other hair care products to avoid product build-up.
    • Minimize heat use and ALWAYS use a heat protectant when heat styling. 
    • Seal wefts with weft sealant to reduce shedding. 
    • Never cut or sew through the weft.


    • Detangle
    • Co-Wash (Using Only a Moisture-rich Conditioner)
    • Air Dry (or Blow Dry Using the Lowest Heat Setting)
    • Style with Minimal Heat

    To define curls: Using the recommended amount of a curl definer or curl lotion of your choice, distribute the product through the hair with your hands followed by the Denman brush. Allow the hair to air dry.

    For best results, do NOT disturb the curls!