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RESET - Raw African Black Soap (pack of 2)


Also known as ose dudu, the African black soap is handmade by village women in Nigeria using secret recipes. For centuries, it has been considered Africa's best-kept beauty secret.  But the benefits are now widely known, and it's been embraced by people around the world. It is made with completely plant-free ingredients, making it safe to use on your hair, face, and body.


  • Improves skin texture, alleviate rashes, scalp irritations, acne, blemishes, and wrinkles while it softens skin.
  • Deeply cleanses skin with zero chemicals, preservatives, color enhancers, or fragrances.
  • Contains shea butter and coconut oil that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. 
  • High in iron, vitamins A, E, and rich in antioxidants.


​The soap ​lathers well, has organic soft shape with an earthy scent. 100% Natural/Vegan, Pure and

Wet soap with water, lather directly into hair and massage thoroughly into hair or skin. Rinse and repeat until water runs clear.


Shea butter, Cocoa pod ash, Plantain skin, Coconut oil, Palm kernel oil* and Moringa oil​.
*Palm kernel oil used is environmentally friendly and ethically sourced by village men in Southern Nigeria. 



Comes in a pack of 2 jars.

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