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XPRESSION - Braiding Hair


X-PRESSION offers you unlimited curls and styles that are just right for you! It is made of professional quality, heat-resistant, ultra artist synthetic Kanekalon fiber.

X-PRESSION is soft, tangle-free, smooth, durable, easy to grab, braid and twist.

Recognized by the hair industry as the best quality heat-friendly synthetic fibers.


Product: X-Pression Braiding Hair

Length: 24″ 

Colour: Natural black (1b)

Weight: 100g


  • X-PRESSION can be dyed, twisted, braided, bunned, etc. the possibilities are endless.
  • Please keep the hair far away from high temperature.
  • Easy to clean and care. Just use a little mild shampoo to wash in cold water. Do not use hot water.
  • The specific style you want to accomplish will determine actual hair maintenance requirements. Ask your hair stylist for specific washing and maintenance instructions.

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