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TRULY MAGIC - Ombre Curl Yaki BUNDLE with frontal


She's bold, she's confident, she's energetic, she's confident. Transform yourself with TRULY MAGIC, while protecting and caring for your hair underneath. This trendy kinky curl retains its volume and beauty even after many washes.

Ethically sourced and long-lasting, with proper care this hair can be re-used multiple times.  

Available as a bundle of 3 ($259 total). Full frontal can be added to the bundle ($289 total). 


    Product: Ombre Curl Yaki

    Length Options: 18″

    Colour: Ombre, Black

    Weight: 245g 

    Weft Construction: Double weft, single sealed for easy weft splitting!


    • TRULY MAGIC can be twisted, braided, bunned, etc. the possibilities are endless. 
    • Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing. Carefully wash with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.
    • Do not rub or twist the hair. Follow with conditioner.
    • Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel.
    • Do not roll or rub the hair dry into the towel. Dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist.
    • The specific style you want to accomplish will determine actual hair maintenance requirements. Ask your hair stylist for specific washing and maintenance instructions.

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